Wellness Health & Spa

Wellness Health & Spa

Wellness Lodge is keen on promoting health and wellbeing. The Lodge currently offers SOQI BED Treatments, Healthy Menu options and Fresh Juices.

The SOQI Bed's primary aim is to increase blood circulation. In the process it unblocks stagnant, toxic energy; it cleanses, detoxifies, oxygenates, and rejuvenates. Treat yourself to this out of this world experience and rediscover complete ecstasy and bliss with the SOQI Bed! K150.00 per hr.

Our Wellness Vision is to promote affordable alternative health care solutions to combat common lifestyle diseases (high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, gout, gallstones, arthritis and so forth).

Wellness Lodge through its owner Mr. Jamie Maxtone Graham have taken steps in providing free public education through the media on various lifestyle diseases, how to combat them and also what tools are available to the public. In his various sessions he has covered:

a. Diabetes : Recently 2013 Dr. Gabriel Cousens 
b. Lemon Therapy 
c. Weight Loss

Join our Wellness Vision and do not be ignorant. Education is key, be aware of what you eat and do!